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The RM of Eyebrow is the governing authority for the rural area surrounding the town of Eyebrow. They provide all types of service to the local residents of the town as well to the farmers, businesses, and other rural dwellers within the area.

About the Project

Websites designed for the desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Custom Responsive Website

The RM of Eybrow wanted a website to provide vital information to their community and a platform which they could disperse important press releases.


Working with the RM Administrator, Chris Bueckert, was a great experience. We met at her office in the town of Eyebrow and discussed her goals for the website. After this meeting, I prepared wire frames and a mock-up of the website to illustrate the design. Upon approval, the website was developed and launched in 2015 and has been helping the community stay up to date with current events, important notices and more.

Websites designed for the desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

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